Artsy Fartsy

Art project coming up and I am going to paint this. Wish me luck. The last time I painted was with CJ at the RedArt session, and certainly not something as intricate as this.

This is a picture of a traditional Javanese wayang puppet I found on a Discover Indonesia website.


(Source: Discover Indonesia)

The colours are beautiful no? 🙂

And I went to Art Friend today to get my materials. Thanks to Peter (the salesperson), I was able to get all I need at an affordable cost. 🙂

Here are my painter stuf – canvas, acrylic paints , brushes, paint markers and a tube of gold acrylic paint.

I think the gold I got might be a little too gold, I should have gotten the pale gold / bronze.


2 responses to “Artsy Fartsy

  1. Chrisss. I love this image of a Javanese shadow puppet. Can I copy and paste it at my Friendster site? I’ll credit you as the creator of the image. Your name is Chrisss, right?

    Sony Karsono

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