Difficult times

Like I’ve said in a previous post the start to this new year is not the greatest.

I hope it will get better.

The transition period is always difficult, and I have been ill prepared to make the leap from student to pre-working adult. I cannot say it is something that most of my peers face because most of my peer have already gotten good jobs and/or are getting good offers. I was slow and could not keep up. While people are getting their resumes critiqued and going for interview skills workshop last semester, I’m only doing mine this semester. My cover letter is still a mess. I’m trying to write one now but I don’t know where to begin.

My school’s career office is great, it is definitely my fault for not utilizing the services to the full. I did try once, but my career counsellor was like the most… unprofessional and does not have much opinion about anything. I gave up on her. I don’t see her around this semester and I am not surprised.

I’ve come to realise that it is really a case of you snooze, you lose.

When I was younger, I always thought things go in stages. You complete A levels, you do your university degree, you look for a job and then you start work. But now I realise that as you grow older the lines between the stages disappear. You don’t have to graduate before securing a job. You don’t have to even need a degree – if a company wants your talent bad enough. It leads me to wonder sometimes if the ‘lines’ and stages are real. Maybe it was something I constructed to keep everything neat.

But life is rarely neat.

It is a sign for me to be less literal, less formal and less rigid. There are no lines, there are no boundaries! I should be more confident. I should be less naive.

I am scrambling now to polish up and clean up my act. It scares me sometimes. Craving for security? Afraid to be left behind? Trying to catch up with the rat race?

Yes, yes and yes.

Edit – I am an idiot. How could I be so dumb?!!!


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