I hate hives.

Now I know how why television shows like to harp on how some people ‘triumph’ over their illnesses or diseases. I used to think that it is no big deal, and my favourite line was ‘it will be over soon’. But what if it doesn’t?

I’ve had hives since Wednesday night. I saw a doctor on Thursday morning. It is Sunday morning now and still my hives are at it. If you guys read this and go ‘oh it’s just hives’, I urge you to google it. Imagine seeing it every morning on your legs. Imagine it on your hands and backs. It’s worse because I don’t know when the next breakout would be. It could be my legs, or hands or back. For a while there were a bit on my face.

It is the worst feeling ever.

I’ve cried so many times just looking at it I can’t remember a time I was this miserable.

I feel so helpless. I have no idea what brought this on, and what really triggered it. I’ve used up all my cream medicine.

I’ve called CJ up crying a few times.

I’ve burst into tears for no reason a few times.

Thank goodness this week the maid was with us because I had no strength to do housework or even just picking up after myself.

I don’t know when the hives will go away. I keep feeling scared that it would come back when I least expect it. I don’t even feel like going out because I don’t know what I will come into contact with that will trigger it again. Mostly also because I have so much red welts over my body I think people will feel grossed out when the see me.

Never really been weak about anything but this might be a first.

List of stuff that may have triggered off hives –

Medication – Antibiotics, penicillin, aspirin (Of which I took 2 prior to Wednesday, and antibiotics I’m still taking)

Food – Shellfish, Buts, Tomatoes (I took quite a bit on Wednesday and Thursday), soy, chocolate (Yup), Berries

Environment – Pollen, Insect bites, cat dander, dust mites

Other – Extreme cold/hot temperature, bacteria-viral-fungal infection, stress, sweating, dermatographism (pressure from wearing tight clothing), new shampoo/soap or makeup/cologne (maybe, I started using a new foundation but a few days before), hive rising chemicals in clothing (highly possible… It’s CNY so of course I wore new clothes)


10 responses to “Miserable

  1. ‘If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”’

    this is what u said to me, so u must believe in it yourself!

    please go get more medicine ok?

    u will be ok my dear… hang in there.. *hugs*

    and i can assure you i wun feel grossed out looking at u! u can go out with me! hee =)

  2. hey babe! I don’t know if my sharing my experience will help reassure you… if it doesn’t then don’t read the following!

    I’ve had hives before cos of my alcohol allergy, and first time I had it, it took me like 2 months to get rid of it. I’ll scratch it and then the itch comes back double and I’ll have no choice but to scratch it some more till it hurts. I think mine’s not as bad as yours cos I didn’t get it on my face, but I’ll be super unglam publicly scratching the lower of my back and the area near the groin cos that’s where it hits worse for me. And I wore clothes that cover them, but if you’re at home, just wear loose stuff because tight clothes make it worse. Drink tons of water! (I’m not sure if that worked, but cos mine’s an allergy, I just tried to flush it out of my system, though it took me two months lah, I don’t think yours will take that long!)

    According to some site I just read, peanuts could cause hives! Don’t worry k? For me, the subsequent times I’ve had hives, it’s not so long anymore, just a week or so. And besides, first time I had hives, I kinda over drank, I had like 2.5 cups (like coffee cups) of red wine at one shot, too much for my system cos that’s when I first drank! Anyway, I’ve not had hives for about a year already even though I still drink here and there. Oh recently I managed to down like 6 shots without hives, so I’d reckon that that’s an achievement since I’d drink like one and break out for 2 months before.

    And one of my friends had it for a long time cos of a new shampoo too. but you know, it’s really obvious to you, but not as obvious to other people unless you point it out. But yeah, don’t fret about it!

  3. in fact ah, now that i think of it, the worse hit areas are where my undies are, cos undies have to be semi tight mah. no wonder I kept scratching there. and anyway i’m not too sure if mine are hives, but they seem similar.. the skin’s swollen, has little tiny red dots and is itchy right? It’s swollen in patches right, making your skin look a bit like an orange.

  4. I was going to say something reassuring, loving and kind…. but after “…the skin’s swollen, has little tiny red dots and is itchy right? It’s swollen in patches right, making your skin look a bit like an orange…”, I don’t think I can come up with anything that would make you feel better.


  5. Sam two months?!!?! Omg… I didn’t know your alcohol allergy took that long… But it’s good that now you’re more resistant to it! For me it was my legs that were the worst hit. I’ll show you the pictures the next time we meet. It’s damn gross I look like some bacterial infested person. Gross!! Ya I think tight clothing was a factor too cause the waist line was also one of the badly hit parts. Mine’s not really tiny red dots, but more like red patches… join up with other red patches are become huge red patches. That’s why I thought it looks like bacterial. Yuck. Anyway I am not sure what was the trigger because I changed a few things yesterday (1) my medicine (2) stopped taking antibiotics (3) changed beds and magically today no more hives in the morning! I’m happy 🙂

  6. hey i always had hives, used to have the worst allergy to grass and mud. so imagine… haha after every st. john’s camp i’ll be like scratching non stop. horrible scars on my thighs and spent a fews years feeling miserable about the scars and it suddenly just went away one day. you will be fine soon. 🙂

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