MoS, Zouk, Pizza, Sentosa*2

Mel, Juana, Aini + Cindy and Xueli and I at MoS last Wednesday… My hair is much better this time as I realised I had to kill the fringe entirely. Mel said I look prettier with the fringe up. =D Yay! (Photos from Mel’s flickr =D)


So viola, Mel and fringeless me. Mel and I kept asking for cherries and orange slices. Heh heh. We took so many photos! I don’t know why I like this one best. Hahah. When I get a better phone with flash, we can take twice as many pictures! HAhaha. I love taking photos with Mel! Haha… actually I like taking photos in general. =D

Later we missed Phuture, so we went over. And located Chris Chen who was there, as well as about 60943 SMU students.


SOS, Fanny and Annabelle.

I vaguely remember telling Chris Chen ‘Hey do you know what SOS stands for? Sack of shite!!! You are SOS!!! Whahahah’ At that time I thought it was quite funny.

Anyhoo, since Sam put up really gross pictures of me on her flickr, it’s only fair that I do so too. =D


Isn’t this photo artistic? 😉


We had pizza at California Pizza House! This pizza comes with salsa! :D:D:D:D *love


We also saw our favourite food walking around! This is what we always eat when we are at Sentosa! So adorable!

Speaking of Sentosa… was there 2 weekends in a row. I’m kind of tanned now! Posting random photos (i.e. photos where I look normal and not weird)
Week 1 – where apparently half of SMU was, and Larry and Val were there as well, so we could actually have our gathering.

Val and I!

The pseudo sporty photo which I love! =D

Week 2 – where I saw Mel’s friend whom we met in a club. He was calling ‘Christina!’ in my direction. I was whipping around trying to see if there was someone behind me. Turns out he was calling me but got the wrong name. I couldn’t remember his name, so he told me it was Jim. Later Eugene told me his name’s Chim. Huh.


I cropped this photo that Sam took. This is actually the most normal picture I took the whole day, I think.



Btw girls, Eugene sent me this photo.. I look possessed.


6 responses to “MoS, Zouk, Pizza, Sentosa*2

  1. haha! e mashed potato is so funny! it’s frm 7-11 right? is it nice? i havent tried it v4 but always see ppl eating it.. hee.. btw, who’s eugene? muz be chim’s fren frm ur entry.. but which 1.. no idea at all!!!! haha =D i realise i cant rem names now that ive grown ‘older’. =/

  2. hey! unfair! you put the photo up first and that’s why I put yours up too! haha. but then again I’d might have done it even if you didn’t put it up. you’ll never know! and anyway you only look strange in one picture! and it’s a cute picture anyway. this is getting stranger why am i defending your photo? hahahaha. okkk. let’s go to sentosa again. hahaha. i dun wanna go to town…. i’m always in town! like at least 5 days a week. AT LEAST.

  3. chrisss to mel – hey yup it’s from 7-11 and it’s yummy! =D you must try! haha… oh yup, eugene is chim’s friend… one of the many we saw at mos… heh, don’t worry. i also can’t remember names that well… haha. and he cannot remember my also! haha…

  4. chrisss to sam – haha i knew it! my puffer fish photo was awful!!! haha.. and you’re defending me cause i’m your best friend. haha. you’re addicted to tanning la… but ok! let’s go sentosa again… and i need a new bikini desperately! I have to go buy like 3! hahahaha….

  5. haha 3? you’re gonna get laughed at by the person who bought 3 lah. but go. buy it whilst there’s still a sale! no lah it’s at the very least cuter than mine! boo. hahaha. sentosa nxt week?

  6. haha… i’ll blame yanmei for putting that idea in my head. ya i’ll go buy another one as my bday present to myself… bloody hell i hope i don’t see that idiot salesperson. i’ll kick his ass if he gives me attitude. sure let’s go next week, make it a sunday thing or something like that… heh… let’s change beaches this time… haha. =D

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