Playing bitch again

Huh. Seems like I get typecast into a certain role… I can’t break free!

Haha… I’m gonna act as a bitch tomorrow again… those bitchy customer types. I’m normally a quite easy going kind of customer… the most pissy I’ve been is to show my displeasure by sighing audibly. So, yup! It’s gonna be fun, I think… if I don’t like burst out laughing.

Sentosa today was fun! Have been pretty down the last couple of days so today was quite nice, cause I got to meet up with the best friend Sam (that rhymes!) whom I haven’t seen for ages, and I got to go to the beach. And I got to wear my new bikini and I get to get myself a tan! And oh everyone seems to go the Sentosa on Sundays… saw Chris and Val. There isn’t as much people as I thought there would be maybe cause we were at Palawan instead of Siloso.

And wah lau! Guys should not (1) wear black g-strings under white shorts (2) wear transparent-ish briefs to the beach. Seriously. It’s disgusting! But overall it was fun, oh the polaroids within polaroids was fun! =D Later CK drove us to Newton to have dinner, and then to Happy Daze for drinks with some people.

Uploaded some photos to flickr… I realised some of you have not seen my new gross hairstyle yet… so ya, I don’t think I can work it. So it’s going to be grown out again. I am so bored with my hair… but I don’t think I rock the short hair, cause I look like a boy.

Oh ya, MoS last week with the girls. Wheeee fun! =D Met some people, I can’t even remember half the photos on Mel’s flickr. Haha. I think it goes down as the most number of photos we’ve taken at a party.


There has to be an explanation for this photo.


Eee, I have bony fingers.


Whiskey (I probably spelled this wrongly) on the rocks.


Hah! My favourite photo!!!


The polaroid within polaroid photo (Sam has a nicer pic of this haha)

With my best friend!

Notice I’ve lost the fringe.

With Val! Notice how I look quite sporty cause got volley ball haha… (although I can’t play volleyball for nuts, but hey I used to play touch)

Okay I got to rest!


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