I just spent an hour lying on my stomach doing nothing at all. I realised one of the good ways to avoid speaking is to tell people that I’ve lost my voice.

Arghghghghghgh dear fringe please come back soon, I promise to treat you better.

Much better.

Man I feel like shit. Miscalculated. Actually I never bothered to calculate. And it’s not that nice to wash everything down with so much alcohol. I guess I would feel better if not for the fact that I feel like shit. What the hell. What kind of stupid sentence is that.
Yesterday was so much fun despite my bad hair! Whee.

I think I’ll go lie on my stomach some more.

Edit – shit shit on a stick, i have an essay due tomorrow, it’s not done, but i’m too sick to do anything about it cause my head is spinning and my stomach hurts. everything sucks.

Edit – I’ve just popped 2 pain killers… and I hate eating pills. I hope this bloody (huh. pun) pain goes away. have to cough up 1300 words by 12 tomorrow. coffee black tonight and tomorrow morning. i found a piece of paper on which i’ve scribbled random thoughts after yi ke sent us back. huh. my thoughts are weird at 5 am. i ended the whole thing with ‘wheee! i’ve found my mascara!’. i’d thought i lost my lancome mascara earlier in the day. it kind of tumbled out of the comforter as i was pulling it over me and i remember being very pleased and just had to jot that down. there are some stuff there… i’ve torn it into tiny pieces and thrown it into the bin.

i had a crying fit earlier in the evening over nothing at all. i think it’s the pms. damn it, i never get pms, but i’ve been quite pissy lately.

ok! i’ll upload a few happy photos of myself cause this is my blog and i love me.


I forgot where this photo came from

MoS1 35.jpg



3 responses to “Pissy

  1. I DIDN”T DO IT!!!!!

    Wahahah u look murderous in the photo with the yellow top. Watever it is, I didn’t do it ok?

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